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A.  招生組 Admission Division, Office of Academic Affairs
A-1. 外國學生須知  
  Information for International Students  ODT PDF Word 
B.  註冊組 Register Division, Office of Academic Affairs
B-1. 新生基本資料表  
  Individual Information Form  ODT PDF Word 
C.  課務組 Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
C-1. 人工(加選/退選)選課表(含通識課程)  
  Adding-or-Dropping Course Application Form
(by manual)
 ODT PDF Word 
C-2. 放棄修課申請表  
  Student Withdrawal Form  ODT PDF Word 
C-3. 延期考試申請單  
  Student Exam Postponement Form  ODT PDF Word 
C-4. 學生上課缺席更正申請表  
  Student Absence Correction Form  ODT PDF Word 
D.  出納組 Cashier Division, Office of General Administration
D-1. 學費單下載及代收網頁  
  Download the tuition bill and Payment Website  Website  
E.  課指組 Extracurricular Activities Division, Office of Student Affairs
E-1. 晤談紀錄表(導生)  
  Mentor-Student Interview Record  ODT PDF Word 
F.  軍輔組 Military Education, Student Safety and Counseling Division, Office of Student Affairs
F-1. 假單(含公假單)  
  Student Leave Application Form  ODT PDF Word 
F-2. 團體公假單  
  Student Group Official Leave Form  ODT PDF Word 
G.  國際組 Division of International Affairs, Research and Development Office
G-1. 外國學生獎學金設置要點  
  Guidelines for the Establishment of
a Foreign Student Scholarship
H.  防疫專區 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  Safety Measures in Responding to COVID-19  Website 
H-1. 嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎疫情安心就學措施  
  Safety Measures in Responding to COVID-19  ODT PDF Word 
H-2. 安心就學措施調查申請表  
  Study at Ease Project Application Form  ODT PDF Word 
H-3. 新生保留入學資格申請表  
  New Student’s Application to
Retain Enrollment Eligibility
 ODT PDF Word 
H-4. 新冠肺炎新生休學申請單  
  New Student Applying for Leave of
absence or Extension of Leave of absence
 ODT PDF Word 
  分機Ext.:2007 or 2013  
I.  其它 Others
 I-1. 校外教學暨活動免責聲明及參加者同意書  
  Waiver & Participant Agreement  ODT PDF Word 
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