About NTUS

schoolmuralNational Taiwan University of Sport aims to an international, holistic, and dedicated learning environment. The learning and research in NTUS combine both basic and applied sciences to meet the needs in the global society. While developing these professional capabilities, NTUS also emphasizes the nurture of mind and character. Following the University Motto, Pursuing Expertise and Integrity, Be Strong and Hardworking, NTUS dedicates strong efforts to establish the appropriate attitude toward all aspects of life.

With the grant support from Ministry of Education, NTUS has established the Center for Sport Science Research in Central Taiwan (CSSRCT). The CSSRCT, composed of faculty of Department of Exercise Health Science, Department of Physical Education, Department of Sport Performance, and Sport Science Research Center has the state-of-the-art instruments for research in exercise physiology, exercise psychology, exercise immunology, sport nutrition, biomechanics, movement science, and athletic training. Through CSSRCT, NTUS plays a central role in integrating the resources in sport science research in central Taiwan, including National Chung Hsing University, National Taichung University of Education, and China Medical University. The faculty and students in NTUS also actively participate in application of sport science to training of all levels of athletes. NTUS has cooperated with National Sport Training Center to provide service to national athletes in all aspects of sport science. NTUS also helps athletes and coaches in junior and senior high schools in central Taiwan in training, physiological assessments, nutrition awareness, psychological counseling, and injury prevention.

Sport and leisure industry is a fast-growing business in Taiwan and around the world. The College of Sport Industry in NTUS has established strong connections with various companies in sport and leisure industry to provide students with practical learning experience. All graduate and undergraduate programs in the College of Sport Industry have set practical training of various length as part of degree requirement. The faculty in NTUS also helps the companies to develop new sport-related products and increase management efficiency.

NTUS has the only student broadcast station in Taiwan that dedicated solely to sport. The station broadcasts live games of a wide variety of sport mainly through Youtube or the official websites of the competitions. Its work includes National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, Industrial Volleyball League, Jhu-Lou Shan International Cup Baseball Championship, and many others. The station is organized and run entirely by the faculty and students in Department of Sport Information and Communication. The students can obtain invaluable experience in the demanding yet exciting media industry.

NTUS has developed numerous international athletes in various sports. The students and alumni from NTUS won 2 gold medals, 6 silver, 9 bronze in 2014 Asian Games, and 4 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze in 2010 Asian Games. Several alumni are playing professionally in Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, China League football, Team Lampre Merida cycling, Team Gusto cycling, Chinese Professional Baseball League, and Super Basketball League.

NTUS is located in the downtown area in Taichung, the largest city in central Taiwan, with the population of 2.7 million. The campus is across the street from the famous I-Chung business and tourism district. NTUS is located in the most liveable city in Taiwan with great accessibility and pleasant weather year-round.

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