Center for Sport Science Research in Central Taiwan

Sports training center test fitnessWith the grant support from Ministry of Education, NTUS has established the Center for Sport Science Research in Central Taiwan (CSSRCT). The CSSRCT, composed of the faculty of Department of Exercise Health Science, Department of Physical Education, Department of Sport Performance, and Sport Science Research Center has the state-of-the-art instruments for research in exercise physiology, exercise psychology, exercise immunology, sport nutrition, biomechanics, movement science, and athletic training. Through CSSRCT, NTUS plays a central role in integrating the resources in sport science research in central Taiwan, including National Chung Hsing University, National Taichung University of Education, and China Medical University. NTUS has a growing number of international cooperation projects with McMaster University, Brock University, University of Michigan, Nanyang Technological University, University of Bristol, and Nanjing Sport Institute.

The faculty and students in NTUS actively participate in application of sport science to training of all levels of athletes. NTUS has cooperated with National Sports Training Center to provide service to national athletes in all aspects of sport science. The faculty with expertise in sport science is working closely with coaches in NTUS to develop world-class athletes. NTUS also helps athletes and coaches in junior and senior high schools in central Taiwan in training, physiological assessments, nutrition awareness, psychological counseling, and injury prevention.

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