Taichung City

Taichung is a charming city synonymous with sport, leisure, natural resources, delicious food, art, and humanity. Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium is one of the best stadia in Taiwan. Benefiting from the good weather, baseball games are played year-round in the stadium, including professional, international, university, and high school competitions. The baseball stadium in NTUS also hosts many international tournaments and student competitions of all levels. The professional basketball games are also played in the arena in NTUS. Taichung has 6 bike paths that offer riders a pleasant ride through countryside, along the coast and through fields full of flowers. The bike path around the famous Sun Moon Lake, about 1 hr drive away from Taichung, has been voted as one of the most beautiful bike path in the world.

Taichung’s west coast has sandbanks, stony beaches, wetlands, and tidal zones, where the rising and ebbing of the tide nurtures a rich natural ecology. In the east there are mountains ranging from several hundred to more than 3000 meters. Taiwan has more than 250 mountains above 3000 m. Taichung is the entry point of many of them.

Taichung offers a wide array of fine arts, music, theater and modern art that enrich the senses and nurture the spirit of the residents and visitors. The crown jewel of them all is the newly opened Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, designed by the world-renowned architect Toyo Ito. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, a free bus ride from NTUS, offers free exhibition of local and international artists.

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