Graduation requirements:

  1. Students of the Department need to obtain a total of 130 credits for the courses relevant to the following categories before graduation.

    • Common courses: 28 credits (please refer to the schedule of courses of the General Education Center.)
    • Common compulsory courses required by the school: a total of 8 credits
    • Specialized core courses required by the Department: a total of 50 credits
    • Elective academic courses required by the Department: a total of 26-28 credits
    • Elective practical skills required by the Department: a total of 16-18 credits
  2. Description of the items related to the graduation threshold:

    • One Class C Coach Certificate in the specialties
    • One Class C Referee Certificate in the specialties
    • (For the above two certificates, students with the specialty of Taekwondo have to obtain the certificates of both national and international 2nd Dan ranking as the requirements for graduation.)
    • One certificate in the items other than the specialties
    • One TQC practical certificate
  3. Any other matters under special circumstances require the approval of the Department Head or Director of Graduate Programs.

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