“School is a workplace, workplace is a classroom, and classroom is a place for work, practice, teaching, research, and attending classes”.

The aim of establishing the Department of Sport Management is: “to respond to international sports and industry trends and the development of the domestic sports industry, cultivate talent in sports management and academic research, and promote the domestic sports industry.”

The professional core subjects of the Department include four main foundation courses: management, sports science, sports and management, and information and media. The professional courses are further split into Sports Business Operation and Management Group, Management of Sport Events and Tourism Group, as well as sport electives.

The Department provides an internship program where students can intern at organizations in the industry during their winter and summer vacations. Besides enabling them to prepare to enter the workforce, it also provides an opportunity for them to put what they learned in school into practice. In addition, the work experience will let students think about what they have learnt, and then understand the importance of continuing studies.

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