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Hand talking on the radioWith the fast-evolving communication technology, evident trend of technological convergence and combination of diverse media and online technology, media broadcasting has been flourishing, while wired/wireless and satellite communication technologies have advanced in leaps and bounds. The combination of sports and communication industry has developed in diverse manners, and the modes of providing services are becoming increasingly innovative.

Photographer To meet the demand for talents who specialize in producing and broadcasting sports programs in Taiwan’s media industry, especially with the national development trend of the digital communications industry, the Department of Sport Information and Communication (SIC) has to enable students to develop the “specialty” (S) required in this field, the “intelligence” (I) for integrating sports information and the “courage” (C) to tackle the challenges of broadcasting. The Department consists of two programs: Communication and Information. By interviewing experts in the industry and academia, the Department has determined its core concept of education; in other words, the ultimate goal of the Department is to enable students to “specialize in sports and integrate the production and broadcasting in sports media.” Furthermore, the Department is building the planning structure based on three aspects of online media: “sports expertise”, “media communication capability” and “information production broadcasting technologies,” in the hope of developing all-around talents in information and communication.

Degree awarded

In 2016, the Department of Sport Information and Communication began to award Bachelor of Business Administration degrees.

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