Live broadcaster3 The courses of the Department are designed on the basis of three concepts: “specialty in sports, intelligence in communications, and development of analytical courage.” In response to the digitalization trend, the curriculum integrates the development of media and sports, enabling the students to receive innovative views of sports communication and comprehensive concepts of production through professional courses on sports and the development of communications techniques. Aiming at TV broadcasting and digital media, the Department especially emphasizes the accuracy and social responsibility of the new generation online information technology and media. Also, the Department expects to nurture talents in advanced digital sports media with great cross-disciplinary vision, who will play indispensible roles in professional journalism and sports comment.

Editing film crew With regard to the planning of the curriculum, the Department has an ultimate goal to equip students with “specialty in sports and the ability to integrate the production and broadcasting via sports media.” Based on the three core concepts of online media, namely, “specialty in sports”, “media communication capability,” and “techniques of information production broadcasting,” the curricular scheme was planned to help students establish various skills for future employment and become all-around talents in information and communications. The core abilities valued by the Department include: “knowledge about various sports and sport events”, “ability to analyze and comment on various sports”, “ability to produce various programs”, “ability to compose and report news”, “ability to produce programs with digital media,” and “ability to integrate and apply information.”

Department of Sport Information and Communication, National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport, 2016

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