There are two categories of in the Department

Image recorder Students majoring in communications will be assigned to online media, TV, and print media to learn how to edit interviews for sports news, film sports events, and reporting sports news. Meanwhile, students are also allowed to participate in the activities of different sports leagues during school hours, assisting in reporting sports events based on the needs of different broadcasting, and announcements of information about various sports events.

Video crew Students majoring in information will be able to operate broadcasting systems, produce titles, learn about information systems, analyze sports events, and collect information.

Internship opportunities are offered by TV channels such as: Videoland Sports, ELTA Sports and Public Television Service Foundation. Internships are also available at sports communications companies, sports marketing companies, and multimedia companies. The Department’s partners include many associations, such as: CPBL, CTBA, Chinese Taipei Basketball Association, CTFA and CTVBA. The Department also provides opportunities for students to intern abroad at MLB, and join short-term study programs at the Department’s sister schools in the US and Canada.

Taiwanese college students taking a photo at the airport
Taiwanese college students posing at the side of the stadium

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