Based on the interactions of different activities and lectures provided by the Department, professional instructors lead different teams to carry out featured courses of practice and application. The activities can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Instant broadcasting: the activity aims at training filming and broadcasting crews for films and TV. According to the type of the sports event, there will be corresponding training and industry-university partnerships. Through online live broadcasting, students can plan independently and use various types of equipment to broadcast different sports events, and instantly interact with viewers.

  2. Feature Report: Students can choose their own topics, and edit and interview for the topics through social media. Through video and audio platforms, students can broadcast news or special reports to fulfill their social responsibility of public opinion and media.

    Interview instructor
  3. Cross-Country and -Culture Experience: In addition to inviting international students or exchange students to the classes, the Department also makes use of its “global campus network” to conduct dialogues on international issues. Through online communication software and programs jointly produced by different countries, students will be able to investigate and experience the differences of diverse cultures.

    Actual operation machine
    Instant broadcast screen

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