Department Department of Physical Education / Continuing Education Undergraduate Program

The Department aims to pass on the University's unique teacher education and respond to the demands of our times. To cater to the industry's requirements for employee skills and attitudes, the Department adjusts its employment-oriented programs based on the fundamental skills that P.E. teachers should have. Plans for relevant courses are further tailored for students’ future employment needs.

We also have the widest range of quality students at the same level admitted using diverse application procedures, such as recommendation, Multi-Stars Project, regular applications, etc. In particular, the Department is unique in that each year, a great number of students passing the campus-wide exam, held by the University's Teacher Education Center, come from the Department.

Objectives and Skills

Professional skills:

  1. Train physical education teachers and sports administrators
    1. Ability to analyze, demonstrate, explain, and teach all kinds of sports
    2. Ability to integrate and utilize sports
    3. Ability to plan and manage sports
  2. Train fitness instructors for children and seniors
    1. Ability to design and plan body intelligence games for children and seniors
    2. Ability to design and plan body intelligence activities for children and seniors
    3. Ability to host body intelligence activities for children and seniors
    4. Ability to teach body intelligence courses for children and seniors
  3. Train fitness instructors
    1. Ability to market and manage in the fitness industry
    2. Ability to design, maintain and utilize bodybuilding equipment
    3. Ability to design and execute bodybuilding plans
    4. Ability to teach, plan and execute bodybuilding
  4. Train sports arts instructors and performers
    1. Ability to perform and express through sports
    2. Ability to conduct sports media post-production
    3. Ability to choreograph and direct sports performances
    4. Ability to write promotional literature on sports
Future Development

Graduates may enter into businesses with the following titles:

  1. Physical education teacher and sports administrator:

    1. Middle school physical education teacher, researcher, civil servant
    2. Leader, marketing and planning specialist, and instructor in sports and recreation NPO.
  2. Physical fitness instructor for children and seniors: instructor in fitness center, sports and recreation instruction workshop, children and senior fitness workshop and kindergarten.

  3. Fitness instructor

    1. Personal: lifeguard, coach for various workouts, workout instructor, sports industry administrator and sales, etc., in gym club, fitness center, sports and recreation instruction workshop
    2. Manufacturing industry: sports and recreation products-related industries (e.g. sportswear manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing)
  4. Sports arts instructor and performer

    1. Professional groups (creative industry, photography, film post-production services, film production)
    2. Entertainment and recreation education services, sports arts education performance services and supplement industries.
    3. Sports and entertainment product rental businesses

In addition to continuing the tradition of training teachers, the Department is starting programs which are in tune with the times and the market, such as a children and senior fitness instruction program, fitness instruction program, and sports arts instruction and performance program, in the hope that the internships will widen the student's employment market, and further become a lifelong learning platform.

Department Introduction to the Graduate Institute of Physical Education for General and On-the-Job Students

In order to improve the University's physical education research standard and culture, and train physical education academic researchers, the establishment of the Graduate Institute of Physical Education was approved in 1999. Currently, the Institute accepts 23 general students and 11 on-the-job students each year, and the students can select a field based on their expertise and interests. The programs are mainly divided into humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The main physical education research includes: sport literature, history & philosophy, sport and exercise psychology, sport & recreation industry management, sport physiology, and sports biomechanics.

Objectives and Skills

Professional skills:

  1. Fundamental professional knowledge and skills

    1. Knowledge about sports
    2. Ability to conduct academic research on sports
    3. Sports innovation and employability skills
    4. Professional ethics
  2. Core professional skills for graduate school students

    1. Ability to analyze, explain, teach, and research all kinds of sports
    2. Ability to integrate, utilize, plan, and research sports
    3. Sports planning, management, and research skills
Future Development

Graduates may enter into businesses with the following titles:

  1. Sports science researcher (natural, humanities & social).
  2. Domestic and foreign PhD programs
  3. Researcher in the sports industry
  4. Coach for all levels of sports
  5. University P.E. professor / adjunct professor, and middle school P.E. teacher

In response to trends in physical education development and international sports development, the program offers diverse means of enrollment, and trains experts in sports administration and management, physical education, and fitness instruction. It focuses on theory and hands-on skills, improves sports scientific knowledge, prepares students for continuing competitive sports education, trains high-level sports instructors, and improves sports competition scores. It utilizes theory behind skills and skills-based theory to target domestic recreational sports development needs, drive recreational sports growth, and improve citizens’ recreational life quality.