Researches in the department of Exercise Health Science have been concentrated on three major topics: sport injury prevention, exercise science, and exercise conditioning.

In sport injury prevention, it has assisted the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education completing a project to establish a local sport injury prevention network. Recently the researches are focus on:

  • Dr. Hung Wei : Muscular damage during pre-competition training secession in college weightlifters.
  • Dr. Chang Yi-Wen: The effect of different warm-up protocols on shoulder neuromuscular performance.
  • Dr. Taun Chih-Yang: Training Program for Prevention of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury.
  • Assistance prof. Wang Shin-Yuan: Muscular damage during pre-competition training secession in college weightlifters.

Many scientific projects upon exercise science have been granted by government and by the school. Research on exercise science has been focus on exercise physiology, biomechanics and exercise health psychology. The researchers and current interests are as follow:

  • Dr. Lu Shin-Shan: Effects of Isokinetic exercise on heart rate.
  • Dr. Chen, Li-Jung: Accelerometer-assessed light physical activity is protective of future cognitive ability: A longitudinal study among community dwelling older adults.  Effect of aquatic exercise on sleep in older adults with mild sleep impairment: a randomized trial.
  • Dr. Hsu Chin: Metabolomic Studies of high fat diet supplemented with Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.).

In exercise conditioning, many researches have been cooperated with various institutes and most study is focus on health related physical fitness. Several investigations have been administrated to analyze and improve fitness in sedentary older adults. The researches and investigations are as follow:

  • Dr. Lu Shin-Shan: The effect of Nordic walking exercise on functional fitness in the elderly adults.
  • Dr. Chiu Yen-Chen: Influences of long-term cycling on physical fitness and biochemical profile in sedentary subjects.
  • Dr. Chiu, Chih- Hui: Difference in the elderly between type II diabetes and healthy for physical fitness and blood viscosity.
Photo of the dean and members of the Central District Special Hospital