This school was changed into National Taiwan College of Sport since 1996, then the Department of Sport Performance was formed, in 2010, the Ministry of Education has approved the forming of the Department of Ball Sports under the original Department of Sport Performance so as to connect and push domestic ball sports into higher level. This school was formally renamed as National Taiwan University of Sport since August 01, 2011, after that, this department has headed towards the incubation of excellent athlete for ball sports and professional sports coach.

The achievement of Taiwan in the international competition environment of ball sports has caught the attention from domestic people and the government, for example, ball sports such as baseball, soft tennis and golf with excellent international performance. In order to promote the integration of all kinds of ball sports so as to enhance the teaching and training quality, this department has selected competition types from the Asian Games and the Olympics Games, for example, those with more domestic competitive advantages and those with higher domestic sports population, as competition types of focused development.

This department has strong teaching staff, rich scientific instrument and books and equipment resources, meanwhile, it also associates with the industry to provide full support of the development of all kinds of department affairs. Moreover, due to good integration, quality in teaching, training and academic research can be greatly enhanced.

Educational goal

  1. Incubate national class ball sports athlete.
  2. Incubate full time sports coach and instruction talent for ball sports.
  3. Incubate physical education teacher with professional competence.
  4. Incubate professional talent in sports industry.

Teaching goal and competence incubation

Basic literacy:

  1. Language literacy.
  2. Technology literacy.
  3. Citizen literacy.
  4. Liberal arts literacy.

Core competence:

  1. Communication and expression competence.
  2. Analytical thinking and analytical competence.
  3. Social care and civic fulfillment.
  4. Competence of international perspective.
  5. Innovation and employment competence.

Professional competence:

  1. Possess professional knowledge for physical education and sports.
  2. Possess competences of analysis, analytical thinking, expression and problem solving.
  3. Possess competences of communication, coordination and team work.
  4. Possess professional knowledge and technique.
  5. Possess the professional competence, knowledge and skill of the physical education teacher.
  6. Possess the basic knowledge and skill of physical fitness instruction.
  7. Possess professional knowledge of planning and sales of sports product.

Employment perspective

  1. Professional athlete.
  2. Amateur athlete.
  3. Full-time sports coach.
  4. Physical education teacher.
  5. Instructor for physical fitness.
  6. Salesperson of sports product.

Future prospect

To act in accordance with national physical education policy for incubating excellent athletes for ball sports and professional sports coach for ball sports, and to consider the job market, the mission of this department is to incubate physical education teacher for high school, professional sports coach, salesperson for sports product and instructor for physical fitness. Meanwhile, to face with the challenge of international ball sports competition and the development trend of the job market, this department needs to incubate student’s professional competence in the related fields. Therefore, the core concept of the incubation goal of this department is: to incubate the graduate with “competence of excellent ball sports athlete”, meanwhile, three perspectives of “coaching competence of ball sports”, “business operation and marketing competence for sports product” and “physical fitness instruction competence” were taken as its planning architecture, in the future, teaching staff from the industry will be associated to open related professional courses so that practice can be associated with theory, hopefully, talents meeting national physical education policy, market demand and international trend can be incubated.