About Us


Dance Department was founded in 1961 as “Program of Dance Major” of Taiwan Provincial Sports College; 1994 reformed to “Sports Dance Division” while the college was upgraded to “National Taiwan College of Physical Education, and Professor Li-Hua Tsai was the first department director; then restructured for “Sports Dance Department” of National Taiwan College of Physical Education”; And the division was restructured for “department of Sports Dance” in 1996.  In 2001 “Graduate program of Dance Education" was founded in ”Graduate institute of Physical Education”; Professor Yu-Ying Wang was the first the program director.  In August 2011, the college was upgraded to “National Taiwan University of Sports”, and in August 2015 the department was officially changed its name to “Dance Department.”

Dance Department is Committed to to provide dance art profession and professional Physical educator training based on the diversified talents for purpose.  Professor Li-Hua Tsai, Professor Yu-Ying Wang, Professor Ke-Ning Chen, Associate Professor Pi-Han Chen, Professor Li-Chun Pan were served as department director since 1984 through 2015.  Professor Chia-Hui Chan is the department director now.

Being the director of the department, Professor Tsai was recruiting a number of young and outstanding teachers as the faculties of Dance Department to build a good foundation for the students’ learning.  Professor Wang took the lead to raise the ability of the department in teaching, and promoted the teaching facilities and software as well.  She encouraged teachers to go abroad for advanced studies.  Besides, she was external success to promote “Dance Company of National Taiwan College of Sports” to “National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra” to co-perform for three times.  She was the first one to match university student dance company with professional symphony orchestra cooperation precedent.  Professor Pi-Han Chen focused on the cultivation of humanities curriculum, encouraged students to have their own unique thoughts and have the abilities to develop independently.  In addition to continuing to promote the international exchange to expand the professional depth, Professor Li-Chun Pan but also to create a multi-directional and industry links to different company or professional group to build a good foundation for employment, to bring our dance professional brilliant achievements worldwide.


The school is located at Taichung City,” the “double ten basins Culture Sports Park”, is the only school to provide higher dance education of all the national universities in middle and south of Taiwan. The Department is in order to cultivate professional dance educator, choreographer, and and performing personnel, with a bachelor courses and master program.  Bachelor classes are divided into "Dance Education” and “dance performance” two major areas to train dance education and promoting, performances and reactivation, academic, performing arts and sports, dance, cross-cutting administrative personnel for the educational goals; The master class is divided into “academic theoretical” and “performing choreography” two groups of research field, in order to cultivate deep humanistic quality, local identity and international vision of dance education, the performing and the academic elite professional as the goal.

In addition, with our training course for secondary school teacher education program of the teacher training centre, we train the professional qualified teachers in “performing arts” at junior high and “dance” at senior high, to further enhance the students' career, over the years, the Department of alumni admitted to secondary schools "performing arts" "Sports" and "dance" of the official teachers totaled 80 passengers, the crown reached 80% ranking, the admission rate. 

Regularly every year the Department's international academic and performing arts are held dance tour performances at home and abroad, the international academic seminars, school Arts Exchange of visits, and national dance competition and other activities.

Education goal

Bachelor Courses

  1. Training dance education and education promotion personnel
  2. Training dance performances and choreography talent
  3. Training dancing academic talents
  4. Training performing arts talent
  5. Training administrative talent in physical education and danceducation

Master Courses

  1. Training professional talent of dance education
  2. Training professional talent of dance performances and choreography
  3. Training professional talent of Dance research


Strong faculty team in the Department, amounted to 9 full-time doctoral and master teachers, teachers profession is including dance choreography, dance education, dance culture, arts administration, performance production, stage lighting design and practice of theatre, music practice, providing students with professional knowledge to  counsel full direction to fit the training goals of education.

In terms of training hardware resources, the Department formally takes over Chung Hsing Hall and Wen Ying Hall since 2012.  Being established in 2018, “Student Sports centre”, containing performance Theatre, a small experimental theater, Dance Studio, professional audio and video editing room, offers students in this Department as a showcase of the theatre practice and creation, implementation of this vertical link of teaching and practice pointers. Under the overall planning of the school: Sports Science Center, audio-visual Center, Computing Center, Stadium, Sports Hall, gym and other venues, has continued to support the need of teaching and performance.  The new building will provide the department new, spacious, e-lab space and teacher labs, that the teaching and performance of the software and hardware space becomes more complete.