Types of internships
  • Physical education teacher and sports administrator

    1. Middle school physical education teacher, researcher, civil servant
    2. Leader, marketing and planning specialist, and instructor in sports and recreation NPO.

    ※Name of Institution: Tantz Elementary School / Du-Xing Elementary School / Bei Tun Elementary / Humanistic Education Foundation / Jenmei Elementary School…….

  • Physical fitness instructor for children and seniors

    Instructor in fitness center, sports and recreation instruction workshop, children and senior fitness workshop and kindergarten.

    ※Name of Institution: Cambridge preschool / Natural Learning Preschool / Victoria American Children School……

  • Fitness instructor

    1. Personal: lifeguard, coach for various workouts, workout instructor, sports industry administrator and sales, etc., in gym club, fitness center, sports and recreation instruction workshop
    2. Manufacturing industry: sports and recreation products-related industries (e.g. sportswear manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing)

    ※Hope Tennis Academy / Champ / The LALU Hotel / Merry Gym / Ren Ren Itowan Swimming School / Abs Gym / Giant / New Taipei City San Chong Civil Sports Center……

  • Sports arts instructor and performer

    1. Professional groups (creative industry, photography, film post-production services, film production)
    2. Entertainment and recreation education services, sports arts education performance services and supplement industries.
    3. Sports and entertainment product rental businesses

    ※Chiggia / Yugufun Drum Group / YOPW / Decathlon / Raise Integrated Marketing Communication Co. / Wei Jing………

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